iPhone Development For The Java Programmer

October 7, 2010

So you want to make an iPhone app, but all you know is Java. Actually, pretend you just know how to program something.

Have no fear! If you’re a half way competent software developer, you should be able to pick up Objective-C quite easily. Sure it helps if you know a little bit of C, but be ready to deal with the luxury of garbage collection that you may be extremely used to having.

The biggest obstacle you’ll face is the fact that development can only really happen on Apple hardware. If you already have that, congratulations!

The first step is to utilize several resources. The most important resource is the Apple iOS Reference Library.

Here you should be able to learn nearly everything you need to create an application. The next step is to find some good tutorials. Depending on how you learn, a video tutorial or written tutorial may be best.

One of the best video resources is located on Stanford’s iTunesU section. It is a free and complete series of lectures from the Winter 2010 semester of the iPhone Development course at Stanford. It probably won’t reference anything new in iOS 4 since this was back in January 2010, but you shouldn’t worry about the new features just yet. You just need to pick up the basics of everything. Walk before you run kind of stuff.

They’re currently in the Fall 2010 Semester, so keep watch for it on iTunesU!

So you probably have figured out what you want to do on the iPhone. There are a lot of good tools out there you that you can leverage to build your app.

For 2d game development, one of the most fleshed out frameworks/engines you can use is cocos2d. Alternatively, I have heard good things about Sparrow as well.

I’m assuming I won’t need to explain the merits of search engines and user support forums as well….

Good luck!

FYI: I have only been developing for iOS devices for a couple weeks right now, but I can definitely say that it’s easier than it looks.


Photography 365 – Take Two – Day 21

October 12, 2009

It almost seems like I’m an advertising blog…. Except I take really poor pictures with shoddy post processing. Note the poor healing in the corner!

From Photography 365 – Take Two

Photography 365 – Take Two – Day 20

October 11, 2009

Hmm, had brinner today….

From Photography 365 – Take Two

I’m getting over a cold, or just getting started with Swine Flu. I can’t decide….either way I’m going to work.

Photography 365 – Take Two – Day 19

October 10, 2009

There’s a good chance that drinking this water will give you lead….

From Photography 365 – Take Two

Photography 365 – Take Two – Day 18

October 9, 2009

Astute observers will find the horrible healing job in the next picture!

From Photography 365 – Take Two

Also I took this yesterday, half cheating….

Photography 365 – Take Two – Day 17

October 8, 2009

Not as lame as yesterday. Taken outside the tennis courts….no good tennis pictures today! :)

From Photography 365 – Take Two

Photography 365 – Take Two – Day 16

October 7, 2009

Showcasing how tired I am.

From Photography 365 – Take Two

Here’s an oldie to make up for it:

From Artsy MB